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Hi You !

First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my story! 

Sharing a sensitive part of my life is extremely hard for me and you taking the time to hear me out warms my heart more than you can think. 

My name is Souheyla. I am the Co-Founder of iScale Nutrition and the one behind iMMUN !

From the day I was born and as far as I could remember I’ve had health issues. I remember my dad telling me that before turning my first birthday, I would wake up in the middle of the night crying my eyes out and they couldn't understand why.. Hell even doctors couldn't figure it out.

It was mostly related to my kidney. I had my first surgery when I turned 7 years old. 

From there I had surgery almost every 2 to 3 years until I turned 24 years old which was the last one where I almost lost my right kidney. 

I was hospitalized 4-5 times every year because of unbearable pain. Every single time I had to go to the emergency I knew it would be a stay of minimum 2 weeks. 

During those years I have missed a lot of school. I had to work 10x harder when I was back on my feet to catch up on study and homework. 

Now that I am older I realised the amount of medication I was taking for over 17 years. We are talking about harsh opioides that people become addicted to: Morphine, hydromorphone, codeine, oxycodone and stuff I can't even name. 

They have weakened my immune system in a ridiculous way. Growing up to being an adult with responsibilities, starting work, studying etc... comes with a load of stress. 

We also live with the pressure to answer to  “society’s standards" and that just created a whole amount of anxiety for me.


Anxiety is the killer number 1 to our immune system. Well guess what ? Anxiety was almost a second natural state for me.

At some point, I couldn't sleep anymore, I couldn't eat well anymore, I couldn't have fun anymore, I stopped socialising, I stopped even going out and things just got worse until I woke up one morning and realized that it couldn't go forever..

I started seeing doctors and they prescribed me antidepressants which with time made me even more depressed so I stopped taking them. 

I tried all kinds of therapy, that wasn't working that well too ... It would work for a few days, I would get peace of mind and then a couple days later, I am back to my anxious state..

I started doing acupuncture later on, again helped a little more but didn't fix the problem.

When I met my husband who was a fitness coach at the time, he helped me to start training and dieting which led me to a better path in my life..

He also introduced me to supplements, different ways to boost my immune system, get more vitamins and boost you overall energy. 

I took some of the things he suggested which worked fine for me, in fact I didn't put my foot in a hospital for 3 years which for me, was truly miraculous. 

The biggest problem I had at that moment is that I can’t take hundreds of pills every day, some of them as big as a small chocolate bar.

So I stopped, traded some for powder products but those were making my drinks/shakes taste weird and disgusting and others were making chunks in my drink even after blending in power mode. 

I had to find another way to take my most important vitamins, so we looked into absorption first because it's one of the most important you have to look at. 

We found that tincture products were definitely the best in terms of absorption. After a long, long very long process we finally found the best combination that will give you what you need to boost your immunity system, to fight anxiety and stress, to reduce inflammation and finally get that overall feeling of well-being.

Honestly being a mom of a 2 years old (yes he is in his terrible two !!), fighting against my own sickness in this crazy world we are in, every woman needs a little notch to keep them going and keep them fighting. 

It hasn't been easy everyday but we will get there one day at the time and this starts with taking care of health first.



Souheyla Amara
iScale Nutrition™

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